Pedaling Empowers Daily Active Life-styles


For Children and Their Families

For The Ecology

For Locally Owned Businesses

Because a business will accept scrip as if it were cash, a business owner may wonder how participating in the PEDAL. Project actually benefits the bottom line.

Businesses usually benefit when a community in which they are located has healthy children and a sound environment. In addition, there are economic benefits to a local business participating in the PEDAL. Project:

  1. If a PEDAL participant can choose between buying something at a “big box” store (that is not locally owned and that may offer that item at a lower price) and buying something at a local store for free (or at a significant discount, depending on the amount of scrip the participant has earned), the decision is clear. It is also possible that, while redeeming scrip at your business, the participant will make other purchases. Thus, PEDAL’s scrip can serve as a “loss leader,” but with this difference: it has the added value of signifying a PEDAL business participant's community good will.
  2. A participating business can view PEDAL’s scrip as a marketing tool or as a donation.
    1. As a marketing tool, scrip will work the same as a coupon in a newspaper: it is there to bring in more business. But PEDAL scrip offers these positive differences:
      1. There is no cost other than the scrip's face value. Your business does not have to pay to place the ad that contains the coupon.
      2. Your business does not have to shoot for a large number of prospects in order to attain a few customers. A PEDAL participant can only spend the scrip at a business participating in the program.
    2. As a donation, accepting PEDAL scrip becomes a sign of your good will towards the community in which you operate. However, unlike other donations, this donation only results when people come to your business. In fact, you make no actual donation unless PEDAL participants come into your business.
  3. The benefits to participating businesses obviously depend on the number of PEDAL participants and other unknowns. For example, the costs of driving a car, many of which remain unknown to the typical driver, are eliminated for every mile a PEDAL participant bicycles instead of driving or riding. These savings will accumulate over time, making them available to benefit the local economy.
  4. Participating businesses will receive a sticker that they may display at their business and transfer electronically to their websites. Buttons are also available. Participating businesses will be listed on PEDAL’s website with links to the businesses' websites. PEDAL's general publications will list the program's business partners.
  5. PEDAL will educate young people about safe bicycle riding and the benefits of shopping locally. PEDAL hopes that the habits nurtured here will continue through the child's lifetime. Local businesses that participate in PEDAL will help to strengthen that possibility.
The only cost is the value of the scrip redeemed. PEDAL assumes all other costs associated with the scrip's circulation.