Pedaling Empowers Daily Active Life-styles

Bicycle Advocacy

Bicycle Advocacy Groups: A list of bicycle advocacy organizations world wide.
International Bicycle Fund: Promoting sustainable transport and economic development and cross-cultural understanding worldwide
Bikes Belong: Whether you're in the bicycle industry, an advocate, or interested in bicycling, Bikes Belong has valuable news and information.
Walkable Communities, Inc. Walkable Communities, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, established in the state of Florida in 1996. It was organized for the express purposes of helping whole communities, whether they are large cities or small towns, or parts of communities, i.e. neighborhoods, business districts, parks, school districts, subdivisions, specific roadway corridors, etc., become more walkable and pedestrian friendly. It is a website for activists and campaigners and others in the grassroots global carfree movement.