How Locally Owned Businesses Can Help

You can email us, write to us (PEDAL, PO Box 236, Walpole, NH 03608), fax (603 756 3754), or call (603 756 3750)

In General

A locally-owned business may elect to either contribute to the Operations Fund, Events Fund or the Scrip Fund or all three:

  1. The Scrip Fund funds the PEDAL scrip program
  2. The Events Fund funds PEDAL's special events.
  3. The Operations Fund funds the daily operations of PEDAL

There are three ways a locally-owned business may contribute to PEDAL:

  1. Write a check payable to PEDAL.
  2. Sign an Á La Carte agreement.
  3. Participate in the Computer Recycling for Child & Youth Bicycling program.

Benefits to the Business

If the business contributes to the Scrip Fund:

Because a business will accept scrip as if it were cash, a business owner may wonder how participating in the PEDAL Project actually benefits the bottom line. Businesses usually benefit when a community in which they are located has healthy children and a sound environment. In addition, there are economic benefits to a local business participating in the PEDAL Project:

  1. If a PEDAL participant can choose between buying something at a "big box store" (that is not locally owned and that may offer that item at a lower price) and buying something at a local store for free (or at a significant discount, depending on the amount of scrip the participant has earned), the decision is clear. It is also possible that, while redeeming scrip at your business, the participant will make other purchases. Thus, PEDAL scrip can serve as a "loss leader" but with this difference: it has the added value of signifying a PEDAL business participant's community good will.
  2. A participating business can view PEDAL scrip as a marketing tool or as a donation.
    1. As a marketing tool, scrip will work the same as a coupon in a newspaper: it is there to bring in more business. But PEDAL scrip offers these positive differences:
      1. There is no cost other than the scrip's face value. Your business does not have to pay to place the ad that contains the coupon.
      2. Your business does not have to shoot for a large number of prospects in order to attain a few customers. A PEDAL participant can only spend the scrip at a business participating in the program.
    2. As a donation, accepting PEDAL scrip becomes a sign of your good will towards the community in which you operate. However, unlike other donations, this donation only results when people come to your business. In fact, you make no actual donation unless PEDAL participants come into your business.
  3. The benefits to participating businesses obviously depend on the number of PEDAL participants and other unknowns. For example, the costs of driving a car, many of which remain unknown to the typical driver, are eliminated for every mile a PEDAL participant bicycles instead of driving or riding. These savings will accumulate over time, making them available to benefit the local economy.
  4. Participating businesses will receive a sticker that they may display at their business and transfer electronically to their websites. Buttons are also available. Participating businesses will be listed on PEDAL's website with links to the businesses' websites. PEDAL's general publications will also list the program's business partners.
  5. PEDAL will educate young people about safe bicycle riding and the benefits of shopping locally. PEDAL hopes that the habits nurtured here will continue through the child's lifetime. Local businesses that participate in PEDAL will help to strengthen that possibility.

If the business contributes to the Events Fund

  1. It receives a tax deduction to the extent allowable by law.
  2. It is listed in the Event's program publication.
  3. It is listed on PEDAL's website with a link to its website.
  4. Depending on the type of event, other benefits may accrue to the business.
  5. It is listed in our general publications, for example, our Parent's Guide to Bicycle Safety.

If the business contributes to the Operations Fund

  1. It receives a tax deduction to the extent allowable by law.
  2. It is listed on PEDAL's website with a link to its website.
  3. It is listed in our general publications, for example, our Parent's Guide to Bicycle Safety.
  4. If the business desires, it can sponsor scrip by paying a parent's contribution to the scrip program and, thereby, enjoying the benefits of the scrip program even if its type of business can not participate in the scrip program directly.

Details about Ways of Contributing

For Writing a Check Payable to PEDAL.

Write a check payable to PEDAL and mail it to PEDAL, 780 Valley Road, Walpole NH 03608. Please indicate what fund to which you desire to contribute. If you elect the Scrip Fund employing this contribution method, please note that PEDAL children will be offered a list of participating businesses from which they may choose the scrip targeted for that business. In this way, the business is assured that its contribution to the Scrip Fund is exchanged at its commercial location and no other. A database has been created that monitors all these transactions.

For Signing an Á La Carte Agreement

In this method the business does not send a check, but agrees to accept scrip up to the amount the agreement between PEDAL and the business allows. At the end of the agreement period, the business will be sent a receipt indicating the amount of scrip spent at that business and this receipt serves as evidence for a tax deduction. This method is only applicable to the Scrip Fund.

For the Computer Recycling for Child & Youth Bicycling program

The Computer Recycling for Child & Youth Bicycling (CRCYB) is a way to support PEDAL when your business can not send a cash donation. What CRCYB offers is a way for cash-strapped businesses to still contribute to PEDAL without having to go to the bank. By sending us your still working and unused computer equipment, you earn a tax deduction and PEDAL receives cash from IBM for that equipment. This cash can then be turned into either scrip to be used by PEDAL children to purchase goods and services at your business or, if that is not possible for you, as operating capital for PEDAL.

Here is a list of working equipment of any brand we can accept (as of 2/1/2007):



Intel processor-based servers:



After making sure your equipment meets the above specifications, you can either fax, mail or email to us a list of that equipment. (If you would like forms for this purpose, we have them available.) We will then review the list and then fax, mail or email to you where you may bring the approved equipment. If you would like us to come and pick it up, we can, but for a fee that is determined by the amount of equipment and the mileage from your location to ours. Once we receive the equipment, we will issue you a receipt for acceptance of same. This will serve as proof of your donation for your tax records.

CRCYB Miscellany

  1. If upon checking the equipment, we discover that equipment was sent that does not meet the above specifications, we will ask the business to come and pick it up or the business can have us salvage the equipment. (see '2' directly below).
  2. If you have equipment that does not meet the specifications above, we can salvage it for you for a fee. Please call us for a quote and for details of that transaction.
  3. A Walpole-based Information Technology company, VT&T, is responsible for determining the specifications of all equipment sent to PEDAL and offers this service for free.
  4. All equipment that meets the above specifications will be sent to IBM.
  5. If sensitive data is on the hard drive, the business should remove it from the hard drive before sending it to PEDAL. If the business desires that PEDAL remove it, it can be done for a fee.
  6. Participating in the CRCYB program does not exclude a business from participating in PEDAL's scrip program or vice versa.
  7. The business should inform PEDAL before sending the equipment whether it desires to participate in the scrip program or the operating capital program. If the former, PEDAL will send details of how it works to the business before the equipment is sent in order to allow the business to determine if it desires to definitely participate in it