Pedaling Empowers Daily Active Life-styles

Special Events

  1. Children bicycling for child-related charities
  2. Children employing their bicycles for science field trips in botany, ecology, geology, anthropology etc.
  3. Children employing their bicycling for history, citizenship and social studies tours.
  4. Family bicycling tours of 1 and 2 days.
  5. Bicycling Celebration Day for People of All Ages:
    1. Fun and funny bicycle races;
    2. Bicycle flea market;
    3. Bicycle businesses trade show;
    4. Lectures by professional sports figures in bicycling;
    5. The local history of bicycling;
    6. Presentations by Bicycle Clubs and other Interest Groups.
  6. Learning Experiences (each of these are designed with young people in mind and will involve the local schools) on:
    1. safe road bicycling;
    2. safe and ecologically-aware mountain bicycling;
    3. the physics and mechanics of the bicycle;
    4. what is lost in and what is the cost of being driven instead of bicycling;
    5. bicycling in inclement weather: rain, wind, cold and snow;
    6. what health benefits derive from bicycling.